Owncloud 9.n migration to Rpi3 Nextcloud-Box?

Without realizing the existence of Nextcloud, or the Nextcloud-Box, I constructed myself a Owncloud 9.n server based on Raspbian and the RPi3.

After the release of the Netxcloud / Ubuntu-Snappy-RPi3 appliance, will migration be reasonably straight forward? I realize that this is probably similar to that of standard migration, but I was curious if the RPi3 appliance will complicate this at all?

I’m not sure about the migration. What would hold me back a bit is that you can’t do any optimization. And RPi3 support is quite new, so I would first test it a bit before switching.

There’s no migration path I’m aware of. @oparoz might be able to comment on the database import required?