Owncloud 9.1 to Nextcloud 10 Beta?

Hi, everyone. Is it possible to upgrade Owncloud 9.1.0 (production) to Nextcloud 10 Beta by moving the config directory to Nextcloud folder and upgrade it (I put the data directory somewhere else)?

If its possible, do I just need to change the folder name in the Apache2 settings or do I need to do some other extra settings?


It should be possible: Migrating from Owncloud 9.1 to Nextcloud

In your case, it should be just moving the config.php. In Apache, you probably have to change the default paths (if the example from the doc is used):

  Alias /mycloud /path/to/nextcloud
  <Directory /path/to/nextcloud>

by the way: I wouldn’t migrate a productive environment to a beta version. Rather wait a few weeks until the final version of Nextcloud 10 is released.

better you use the 9 stable or wait some weeks/months until NC10 stable - i had tested the NC 10 beta & had too much issues, as well a lot of apps are not working correctly - i use now the 9.x stable & no issues anymore :wink:


Yeah, sure migrating a productive to a beta version is not recommended. But due to some reason, I have to test it and handover to another person before I leave.

Thanks, so I shall wait for few more weeks. So sad that I’ve didn’t notice Nextcloud before I upgrade Owncloud to 9.1.0.

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