Owncloud migration to Nextcloud not working

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yesterday i got a notification from https://scan.nextcloud.com that my owncloud instance is and old and unsecure one, indeed it is - so i decided to update from oc 9.0.4 to oc, this worked well.
Afterwards i decided to switch from owncloud to nextcloud, so i read the migration guides (https://nextcloud.com/migration/), and tried to do it, here is what i get if i try to execute occ upgrade:
$ php occ upgrade
An unhandled exception has been thrown:
OC\HintException: [0]: Downgrading is not supported and is likely to cause unpredictable issues (from to ()

How is this possible? The migration guide says that ownCloud 9.1.x is compatible with Nextcloud 10.0.x, but it doesn’t seem to be. So, is there a safe way to upgrade from oc to nextcloud using the command-line-tools?


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I’ve already “fixed” it -> just changed the version in config.php to ‘’ and started php occ upgrade’, it worked. afterwards i took the next step and upgraded to nextcloud 11, this worked without any issues.

So, this thread can be ignored/closed.

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