Owncloud 9.0.4 to Latest Nextcloud. Possible?

Is it possible to migrate Owncloud 9.0.4 to (latest) Nextcloud?
Without Commandline…


Sure: Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud

(it is a manual upgrade, there is no updater app (yet?), but you won’t need commandline -> if you have a large setup php-timeouts could be a problem, so backup all data properly to be able to revert to OC 9.0.4)

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Thx. This Article I´ve seen, but its for 9.0
Just wanna go sure it also will work with 9.0.4

9.0 implies all versions 9.0.x.

okay, because of an missing “x” like 9.0.x it was not clear to me.
thanks for clearification!

How to trigger / start the update then?

Once you replace the ownCLoud files with the Nextcloud ones and visit the site, it should detect there was an upgrade and take you through the process. If not, you can also run sudo -u YOURHHTPUSER /path/to/nextcloud/occ maintenance:upgrade (which is actually more reliable as PHP can timeout if you have a large install)