Owncloud 7.0.4 sqlite migration

Hi guys,

I just inherit an old and fancy Owncloud instance using sqlite ( 7.0.4, yeah really :smile: ) on a shared hosting, living the dream ^^

I want to migrate this one to Nextcloud for my beloved neighbors, parents of a french kindergarden.

I know I need to :

  • upgrade to latest 7.x,
  • upgrade to latest 8.0.x,
  • upgrade to latest 8.1.x,
  • upgrade to latest 8.2.x,
  • migrate to latest Nextcloud 10.x,

But I want to migrate away from Sqlite, the instance is slow which is mildly infuriating.
Looks like there is a command for that :
occ db:convert-type
The question is when ?

I also want to set TLS certificate to secure communications but that’s definitely a later move.

So I’m here for opinions, when is the more appropriate time to switch to Mysql ?


PS : I selfhost my own Nextcloud instance with Docker. It works like a charm, thanks so much for this great piece of software :wink:

Depending on the number of users and the amount of data which need to be migrated it would perhaps be worse to export contacts and calendar data only, set-up a new MySQL/MariaDB instance in parallel and import the data again. Next you could copy the existing files to the new server.

This might reduce the workload because there wouldn’t be a requirement to upgrade the server step-by step :wink:

BTW, you should also think about a working backup concept to prevent any data loss due to a hard disc failure etc. :sunglasses:

thanks so much for your quick reply :muscle:

I have a (manual) backup process and the provider is a reliable one, OVH :clap: so I don’t really worry that much about data loss but the users are not really tech enthusiasts :\

You may be right this instance is barely used, I just need to persist users, groups and files. No one use contacts, calendar or any extra app. If I can export/import users, groups and files, I’m golden.

I want the migration to be as transparent as possible for then, they don’t really use the place a lot which is a shame but I want at least to keep files and permissions.

I try to convince then to leave Google groups, drive and co :nauseated_face: