OwnCloud 10.0.2 to NextCloud 12.0.0

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue trying to manually upgrade from OC 10.0.2 to NC 12.0.0 and the migrator isn’t compatible with OC 10.0.1+.

Is there any word on the migrator getting updated? I’ve read through many topics and seems as there are multiple people having these issues. It appears as the NextCloud is at this point superior to OwnCloud and I’ve already purchased multiple instances of the NextCloud iOS app for myself and my family (previously purchased the OwnCloud app for them as well) but I can’t do the merge until there’s a stable way to do so.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’d suggest to wait for Nextcloud 12.0.1 which will be released soonish:

All the apps should work with both Nextcloud and ownCloud, so there should be no problem in waiting a couple of days.

Still waiting lol, all I need is an small update so I can merge over.

12.0.1 is planned to be released on july 18th:

Excellent! Hope it’ll have the support for OC10.0.1 migration

July 23th and still cannot convert my OwnCloud installation to NextCloud. Starting to debate if it’s even worth switching over.

Yes, there are a few deadlines delayed. Probably a few people are on holidays. I’m not close enough to all the planning to tell you when you can expect a solution.

Well, 26 of July seems to be the new date. Hopefully it will be released then…

July 26th… holding my breath lol

FYI - https://download.nextcloud.com/server/prereleases/ -> scroll to the bottom :wink:

sssht, not yet announced, but I just updated my private server and all is good… Ofc it is still a release candidate, not final. But hey, good enough for me :wink:

is there an APT repo with pre-releases?

@jospoortvliet I think the release schedule might need an update. :grin:

Im am on Owncloud, I tried:

*and the version found in the current github repository (I can only provide two links in my message).

All say either “Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.” or “No update available.”.

Do I need to wait, perform a hack, etc… ?

Same here - no way to migrate from Owncloud. The migrator php is still the same - i would have expected a new version…

There are still problems with migration from OC 10 to NC 12. Current discussion moved to: