Overwrite files open in READONLY

We’ve happily deployed Nextcloud in a 50 user environment and it’s working very well. We just have a problem with a single software, Autodesk Revit. It’s a collaborative advanced drawing tool which allows more users to work on the same project (and materially on the same files) by creating a local copy and uploading the changes when done. Obviously it’s not possible to work on the same stuff like in Collabora, but it’s something alike. Users open a master file from the network, clone a local copy and when they’re done they share the changes to the others by clicking a button which writes the master files.

My guess is that Revit keeps open the master file in readonly mode, when a client uploads the changes some files are overwritten, and when someone wants to see other’s changes the program reloads the files.

This doesn’t play well with Nextcloud (and with any other cloud file hosting like Dropbox or OneDrive). Some managed to use it but not using simultaneously, which is the purpose of the software. There’s a server component of Revit, but we currently don’t have a Windows server to deploy it.

With NC when an user publishes its changes they’re synced on the server, but when are downloaded by other clients they’re all marked as conflicts.

I was wondering if there’s a workaround or something to make it usable with NC.


Did you find any work around to solve this issue with Revit?

Unfortunately not. We’re currently keeping NC client closed during the day, syncing only in the evening.

Wondering if anyone has any solutions to make the Revit central model works with Nextcloud?

No, no update.

We solved by sharing Revit files via Samba

Good to hear you have found the solution, Never heard of Samba would you mind providing any details?