Over all Setup For Dashboard With Nextcloud 13.0.1

Over all adding apps in nextcloud I am new but I like the look of the dashboard.

when I install it to my server I just cannot seam to get this right.
for me I guess I am missing how to set this up or what has to be update for this to work OK.
by default the below is how it loads to my test server.

At this point I have not found people posting about this ( or i can’t read) so i would think that I am just missing something any help or thoughts would be most help full.

Did you read the other Dashboard topics? This app was abandoned and will no longer actively maintained or supported.
No response from the authors and/or maintainers at all. It’s waisted time …

so I that part i was starting to get but I thought that i seen some activity in the github. For me is it a real shame but I will keep messing with it as I just really like the small calendar and the storage bar.

Thanks for confirming that it is abandoned. :slight_smile:

I can not confirming this because I am not the author or a maintainer but since the first release came no response and no bugfixes at all – more than a half year. So I call this buggy app abandoned.

understandable. I can be just a happy setting the default to calendar.

why not trying to add
'defaultapp' => 'calendar' to your/path/tp/nextcloud/config/config.php .

this is what i have done the only thing i miss is the large status bar showing used space

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I’m afraid you can’t have all at once… unless you’d maintain dashboard-app :slight_smile:

Right need to up my skill level 1st… maybe one day