Outlook/NC plugin not showing NC graphic


Installed the ‘Free as in beer’ plug in on my Window machine today. Thank you for making this available. The plugin works however the blue box that contains the link and password/expirey details is missing the NC graphic on the left.

I have installed and reinstalled but I cant get it to appear. It works fine on my Windows Laptop?

Any suggestions.

Kind regards

Derek Jones

@usselite - do you know why?


The graphic which is included is, does anything strange happen when you visit this link?: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nextcloud/promo/master/nextcloud-logo.png

What may be the case is that possibly you’re not viewing the new e-mail as HTML. The screenshot should give you an idea on where to find it.

For Office 2016 its under new email > text format > ‘HTML’ needs to be selected.


In case all this doesnt work, could you share some information on which Windows you’re using per device (your pc and laptop) and which Office version? Please include if you’re using Windows and/or Office 32 / 64 bits.


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Hi all…

Many thanks for your reply and ‘free’ help with this.

If I do a CTRL+CLICK while composing on the missing graphic a browser opens and goes to the Nextcloud site. If I click on the received test mail where the graphic should be it again opens up a browser and opens to nextcloud.com so the link is working its just the promo graphic missing.

Both my laoptop and desktop as of today are both up to date with the latest Windows 10 64-bit with Office 2016 Plus which is x86 on both and its the x86 version of the plugin being used again on both machines. The plugin is fine in the laptop.

Although the Machines are x64 the verison office on both is x86

I checked that I was composing in HTML which I am so now I’m lost. Its no big deal as the link works it just looks messy and it’s not helping to spread the good word that is Nextcloud and this great plugin





Unfortunately this can be dependant on the windows/office installation per device. It definitely doesn’t look pretty, not easy or maybe not even possible to solve this on my end. If I remember correctly it is possible to encode the image in the html, however this can cause alike issues and also cross-platform.

In case you want to fix it for your Outlook you might try these articles/solutions:

(look at the last comment)