Outlook enterprise plugin separatly available?


is the outlook enterprise plugin separatly available? Or only in a bundle what really wouldn`t make sense because all people who already set up their NC-server successfully and are interested in getting the outlook enterprise addon would be badly punished. I ask because I couldnt find any separate ordering option for the Outlook enterprise plugin. But I would like to buy only the outlook enterprise addon WITHOUT any “basic/standard/premium”-bundles/packages for 5 $ / year because we already set up our NC-server and there is no need for paying any enterprise-bundles. We only need the OUTLOOK-Enterprise plugin for one seat. If so, is there a ordering link?



@usselite - maybe you could be of help here?

Hi Pasteo,

The enterprise version of the Outlook add-in is exclusively available with a subscription for Nextcloud Enterprise. I get that for home users or a very small company, Nextcloud Enterprise is not needed, but for larger organizations you generally need an enterprise solution. Think Red Hat vs Fedora… The Outlook add-in is part of that. Meanwhile, the support subscription that comes with Nextcloud Enterprise isn’t about “I can run this myself”, you don’t need a health insurance to live either, do you? You only need to have it when you get sick :wink:

We occasionally make an exception for very small companies (under 50 users), as Nextcloud Enterprise offers little benefits for them.

Hi Jospoortvliet,

there is one important feature I am generally missing in the outlook plugin: It should be possible to upload attachments and files not only to public folders but also to folders of NC-users! Why is this missing?

Thanks for your information. I am interested to get an “exception”. Please send me details.


As I said elsewhere, a subscription (at a reduced price) without support, but access to Enterprise features like this would be a gread idea. Other FLOSS projects like Proxmox do this pretty well (actually, they are completely FLOSS, so the only difference is the access to a well tested enterprise repository and support documentation).

Again to the NC-supporter marketing of this forum: I am interested to get an “exception”. Please send me details. Thanks.


An “exception” offer from NC-marketing is still missing…

well maybe they wait for YOU to call THEM and kindly ask for an “exception”… have you thought about that as well?

You must be joking. Maybe you dont know that this forum has a PN-function? So you dont know my PN correspondence.

whatever… i just wanted to get my point across which is: it’s not very useful flodding any thread with no-news messages.

No, it is news because it shows that NC marketing is not interesting in selling single licenses of enterprise outlook plugin for single users. So this topic can be closed. Many thanks for the great support of NC marketing.

well… YOU wanted a discount and thus YOU are waiting for THEM to contact you to give you one? that’s a bit of a strange concept.
sorry but this makes me lol. :rofl:

Did you said “it’s not very useful flodding any thread with no-news messages.”? Make it REALLY to your own concept, please.

I already contacted (in your words) “THEM” a week ago via PN but it seems you did not understand the matter although I tried to explain it.


The problem is that this is the community forum. As far as I know they have different enterprise support channels.

The forum is just interesting if such options exist for other small-size setups.