Outdated Exiftool in Memories 12.6 instead of 12.7 (Nextcloud Snap version)

Hi, I’m using Memories with Nextcloud Snap installation (27.1.3) with Ubuntu 22.04. Today when I was trying to index my files (uploaded into my photos directory) I received error that exiftool version does not match expected 12.70 found 12.60. It was surprising, because no update was requested by Memories and tool was working few days ago. Switching to system pearl solved issue so far, but there is an exclamation in automatic indexing section of Memories admin settings.
How to update binary exiftool ? Any suggestions?

I believe exiftool is bundled with the Memories app. Though that can be overridden. Did you by chance override it?

No, indeed binary is added to Memories, but it seems that from somewhere Memories knows that there is new version available and refuse using older one. Unfortunately it is not updating “bundled” binary automatically. At the moment I’m using system perl version and it seems to be working without problem. Maybe I should upload this binary manually, but from where to take it ?