Osx time machine

Hello, I was given a https:// address and told to backup my Mac and PCs there. It’s a local Nextcloud server running with a huge NAS. I can setup webdav and access the sync functions for my local Netcloud folders (like Dropbox etc.)

However, is there a way to mount this as a Drive on the iMac such that Time Machine will be able to see it and back up to? Thanx!

I am in doubt this will work, TM works only on cifs/afp/smb/nfs drives and not with webdav. Even with mounted NAS drives some terminal hacks are needed to tell your mac to use them. I remember this:

defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

and creating your MAC-ID based Sparse Bundles on the Volume. It was quite nasty and you permanently live on the edge to get everything broken with the next macOS update. The main reason why I bought an original TimeCapsule finally and dropped all this attempts years ago is that every new Mac or macOS installation automatically finds it and restores everything on normal TM backups… it just works. So better do not use such tricks when dealing with your precious backups.

To solve your problem: Use your Nextcloud Client Software and drop all your files into your defined Sync Folder, maybe a small Bashscript or better AppleScript helps you to backuo your files time based.

+1 on what @jakobssystems said. TM will screw your backup faster than you can say “TimeMachine”. It doesn’t even work great on smb mounted sparse volumes… and wrecks the complete backup more often than not.

Either grab some TimeCapsules, while they’re still available or have a little Mac mini on your network, which shares an external drives for TM.