OSX Desktop client, Linux client, FreeBSD/TrueOS Clients OH MY :(

I really have to impress upon our community that Patching to the latest version is not optional, and “by design” is not yet where it “Needs” to be.

FreeBSD/TrueOS has an OpenCloud client? Really… Hasn’t it been enough time already since The Project/Company got “Forked”?

On an linuxmint client I cannot for the life of me uninstall an older version of the nextcloud client and get it updated… Really? Do you have a nextcloud package for me to use to patch your client on linux?

On OSX the client does not even check if it is out of date? Really?

This is a huge oversight, you guys have a security officer who appears to be more a company guy than a project guy, I think that’s a mistake.

My comments are only intended for the betterment of the Community as a whole, including OpenSource software and Internet Privacy.

Patch it!

Up to now, the NC client is only a branded version of the OC client. For Mac, I still use the ownCloud client. In the FreeBSD ports, there is still a owncloud client which looks up to date (https://www.freshports.org/deskutils/owncloudclient/).

With NC 13, there is a client-side encryption solution. Unfortunately, the clients aren’t all ready yet, especially the desktop client is impatiently expected. And the first test versions are only available for Linux and Windows (https://download.nextcloud.com/desktop/prereleases/E2E/). After they picked up the client development, they hopefully manage to release a fully functional Mac client. If you encounter problems building a port for FreeBSD, you can surely ask the developers for help (github/IRC) and become part of the developer community of Nextcloud :wink:

This is just a description of the current situation, I don’t really know why it is like that. From the community point, you could just say there was no active client development because nobody did it. Why the company behind Nextcloud did that???

Is this somehow related to the rest of your post? Where do you think the project security is neglected?

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100% agree on this one. May have to see FreeBSD ports maintainers take on this one though…but also I don’t think the forked version is ready, hence only the OC client

Have you tried the PPA? Works great for me…I also use what comes via DNF with Fedora

Looks like @tflidd ghosted me here on some points