Organizing shifts for work

There are tools for work time in Nextcloud. May they could be enhanced.

Currently, a Friend of min is working as a Head of a Team in a corner shop. He use pen and paper to place his people into shifts. It’s getting harder and harder because his people mostly only work part-times and has to be sure that the shop permanently has enough employee and also a certified person for their apprentice ( Vocational education) on times the apprentice is not at school.

So he needs a tool that auto generate shift scheduling at least three months into the future.
That allows to see problems far enough.
Idea is.

  1. this Software auto generate shifts
    • based on skills of the employee, (e.g. allowed to advise an apprentice)
    • based on vacation and part time rules of the employees
      • contains max hours per week
      • contains max hours per month.
    • calculate one jumper position per day.
  2. employee with an account could switch their shifts
  3. calculates their work time per month.

Currently, he struggles again like every year with the intense xmas time.

I would suggest support for Caldav subscription - that is add a CalDav based calendar into my feed.

If there were good management of multiple calendars that would go some way, but once you’re matching skills and contracted hours, you’re really getting towards full-blown ERP.

CalDAV subscriptions already exist.

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May an MVP without the contracted hour subject could be enough.
I tested ABC-Roster which do a really good job.

Broke this out into a dedicated thread. Cheers. Also broke out:

That is built on Windows and .Net framework, so won’t apply as much for Nextcloud. Hope it works for you.