Options (or alternatives to) a headless/non-GUI Linux client?

Hi there,

I understand that the standard Nextcloud client requires X. I’m looking for the “best” access I can get on my headless server. I’m interested in continuously syncing so I have real local files.

As I understand it, there are basically these options for accessing Nextcloud resources on a server without X:

  1. use the nextcloud cli command - no continuous syncing only one-shot
  2. mounting nextcloud server via WebDAV (e.g. davfs) - all access is slow over WebDAV
  3. Client WebDAV program e.g. cadaver - clunky
  4. Use standard tools exploiting that nextcloud’s files are real files on a linux server: scp, sshfs, rsync, unison, nfs, etc.

I was really surprised I didn’t find a generic WebDAV two-way syncing client for Linux - did I miss anything? (Is there some WebDAV technical limitation that makes that difficult/“impossible”? Does the WebDAV protocol include file change notifications to enable it? )

If I were to mount nextcloud is there some caching layer one could put on top so I have off-line and fast / local access to my files?

What do others do?


Just start the cli client in whatever time frame you like via cron or other means … sounds pretty easy to me …

If I insstall the client, I am also forced to install an X/wayland server.
I don’t want any kind of graphical/gui packages on a server.