Option to chose default view

Can it be done, so the .md file open in full view as default?

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I’m also interest to change it

I’m missing that too.
I suggest if the md-file is read only or the folder above (e.g. no rights to create, change, delete) than always should this file open in full view, so others can see only the result of this page.

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nice idea but this not work.

user as same view but can’t edit

Of course it works, the creator always HAVE write privileges. Only users/groups without such permissions (only read, maybe share) are getting the (pretty) result page on click. I cannot see any Problem …

I have create file from UserA, shared the file to UserB with read only.

When I open file with UserB I can’t change the file, but I have the same default view of markdown files (editor to the left, preview to the right).

The once case to always have the result page view is to share the file by permanent link and open it

Thank you, eaglenergy, but so a permanent link is not a useable case.
I think of a folder with manuals, some descriptions or only to show the menu of the day in our company. ONE creates the md-files, ALL OTHERS (with r/o rights) can only see the pretty result page. That’s my suggestion … and a propper way to do so from NC developers.

Hooooo ok, so sorry. I just understand you suggest a code modification here :

I had initially understand you suggest to setup our Nextcloud like this…