Opensuse tumbleweed has php 7.2, repos have Nextcloud 12 -- what do I do?

Further research here showed me a thread regarding this issue and provided a “rollback” respository for php 7.1.

FYI to developers – people at “my knowledge level” rely on Nextcloud, but don’t have the time or skill level to catch this sort of thing before it happens. In any event, the rollback solved the problem – but now I have to lock php 7.1 so it doesn’t get auto updated again to 7.2. I don’t know if there is an orderly way to disseminate such information – I had some trouble finding the thread that provided the solution. FYI to other users: apparently Nextcloud 12 is not php 7.2 compatible and with developer focus on Nextcloud 13, won’t be fixed. My original post/help request is as follows:

I’ve been running Nextcloud for several versions and Owncloud before that. My install updated to php 7.2 and all of my repositories have php 7.2, so I don’t have an easy rollback source for 7.1. I found a note here that someone installed Nextcloud 13 because of php 7.2 – is Nextcloud 13 released? It’s not in the opensuse repositories I use, which have Nextcloud 12. Any suggestions? It will be very complicated to rollback to php 5, because I (re)wrote some of my applications to run specifically on php 7, which run on the same server.

NC 12 is not compatible with php 7.2 and a new feature support is only introduced by a new major version. So it will be supported by NC 13 which hasn’t been released yet. It originally was planned in 2017, there is already the beta3 version of it:

The final release date isn’t fixed yet and depends on the testing, it’s very likely in January.

There was a longer discussion on github when the first archlinux users switched to php 7.2:

Unfortunatly I migrated my nextcloud on a server where PHP 7.2 is also running. Now there is already RC2 from nextcloud 13, so I am thinking about switching to the beta-channel.
Do you think I can relativley secure switch mit my NC 12 to the latest NC 12 RC2?

My server has only PHP 7.2. So I have no choice. So I installed 13.0-RC2 and it works well :yum:

I also did. It worked well. I hope the updater can switch the RC to the next NC 13 stable. The stable channel is still definied in the admin area. Otherwise it has to be done manually, am I right?

Yes, I hope that.

Once NC 13 is out, you should be able to switch the channel back to “stable”.

Release Candidates are very similar to the final releases, so in general there are not big changes except some important bugs are found. Even very fresh major releases are not tested on all environments, certain apps are probably not ready for NC 13 yet. If you decide to use it, please make backups and be careful.