OpenProject and Nextcloud announce collaboration and integration features

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We’re happy to announce today that we worked with the OpenProject community to develop integration in Nextcloud. OpenProject is a very popular open source online project management system and we hope the integration will improve the productivity of users who use both Nextcloud and OpenProject. Watch the YouTube video below that shows the integration in action!

We develop open source project management software to change the way how people collaborate location-independently on projects that have a positive impact on our daily lives. What makes OpenProject stand out is our commitment to data protection and information security. The partnership with Nextcloud is another step on our path to providing data sovereignty to our customers by combining the best of powerful open source applications. It fills me with great joy to join forces with such a strong partner in the open source community that shares the same motivation.

— Niels Lindenthal, Founder and CEO at OpenProject GmbH

Integration of OpenProject data in the Nextcloud Dashboard offers users a view of ongoing projects, as well as showing them notifications and enabling the built-in universal search to find project information from OpenProject. See it in action in the screenshots below

Search integration

The OpenProject/Nextcloud integration app can be found in the Nextcloud app store. The results of further integration efforts are expected later in 2021.


See the OpenProject integration on, the corresponding GitHub repository, the issue tracker and the website of the OpenProject project. @jospoortvliet I really would appreciate a few more links, that’s how the web works :wink:

It will be interesting to explore the full potential of this integration in the future, especially in combination with the Deck and Tasks apps. :slightly_smiling_face:


but isn’t that what we have you for? :wink:

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How to connect open project to NC?

It looks promising but I wonder about conflicts as the app as Deck are open source on NC and commercial on OP.

I don’t think it can conflict. Where Deck is a full app running on a Nextcloud instance, it appears that OpenProject is merely a status message connector for the NC Dashboard app.

See if your instance has the connector by opening your https://sd.fqdn.tld/index.php/settings/user/connected-accounts page.

For example, mine shows my Moodle and Twitter updates after I made the connection to those accounts active. I never added the OpenProject connector to my https://sd.fqdn.tld/index.php/settings/apps page because I’ve never used OpenProject yet.

Anyone in here that integrated NC to OP? And could share any experience? I’m thinking about integrating NC to OP, since we are using both, but I can’t find any user experience or feedback on this. Is it working as it should? Pro’s and con’s?