Opening Office document from Nextcloud webinterface

Hi all,
I want to open an office document by clicking on the link inside the Nextcloud webinterface, like you can do in the online demo. Actually, IE, Firefox ask me to download the file. But if I copy paste in office open file, it works.
I’m working for a french non-business service, and we got more than 1000 users. So I don’t want to use neither the network drive connector and the nextcloud Windows client app. Using Colllabora online or Libreoffice from server isn’t an option too…

How can I automate this? Should i install a plugin like the IT HIt web one?

Thanx for your help!

Nexcloud 12.0.0 SSL
Office 14 (2010)
IE 11 won win7pro

Hi jacestk,
You can do that when you have the following integrated

Hi, nope. I got more than 1000 users!! Collabora is only for 20 users max.
We got office licences on all PCs!

After some heavy research ( :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ), I’ve made a plugin doing this. It changes the link into an ActiveX action.

My-try-of plugin that is doing simply the job!