Opening HTML saved files from internet

I like to save some external webpage articles locally in case we loose access to them someday. If they are in Nextcloud and click on them they want to open in the Notes editor and so it is all the markdown. Is there a way to have Nextcloud Files open HTML in a new tab so the browser interprets it?

No, i think that is not possible. Nextcloud itself is an HTML/PHP/JS/CSS application. That will not work.

Nextcloud is unsuitable as an application for this. Also bear in mind that a website consists not only of an HTML page, but also many sub-pages and objects such as images and JavaScript.

How do you download the page? Is it even complete? Try it with the Internet deactivated. Years ago I used the software for this.

I think I would then simply zip everything and have the ZIP file managed by Nextcloud, for example. If you then really need the website, you can unzip it again locally and call it up.

Also you can use tools like to make a screenshot of a website. Then you can store it as png-file.

I do not have an issue downloading the page. From settings in browser, I’m just doing a Save page as (firefox). I’m using the Nextcloud desktop app on my system as the location to store the page. It creates the resource folder so it is complete. If I open it from the desktop Nextcloud linked folder, it will open a new tab and load it there just fine. I was just thinking it would be nice to open in a new tab directly from Nextcloud files, where I want to have all of it stored.

No, unfortunately this does not work. It is also not possible to simply open an image, for example. This also only works indirectly. But other “cloud solutions” such as Tiny File Manager can’t do that either. In the end, the cloud software itself is a PHP file with lots of JavaScript that cannot interpret HTML and JavaScript itself. However, if the file is converted to a static version during the download, you may be able to upload it to a normal web server.

I just found that if I select Edit Locally, it will pop it up in a new tab. So that will work for me. I do not know if that requires the Nextcloud desktop app installed but as it is installed on my system, this works fine.