Open your next cloud

I used the AIO latest version on a clean Ubuntu server and seems to be working all containers installed etc but when I click open your next cloud option it goes to a blank page and doesnt resolve anything - my internal dns has been updated against the IP etc

does anybody have a suggestion to what might b causing this behaviour ? thanks

Hi, can you post the logs of the nextcloud-aio-apache container here? Thanks!

how do I get them lol

E.g. with

sudo docker logs nextcloud-aio-apache

cant post again new user limit lol can I PM u etc?

what I mean is there is more than 4 hyperlinks in it so won’t let me post it

please help me sorry

@szaimen what do u think ? thanks

For a local instance see this documentation: all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

You reckon there is an easy way now the AIO is installed to make it work locally - seems like a lot of tweaking

You mean with a self-signed certificate? For that see this answer: Initial Setup requires External domain address · Discussion #1155 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub