"Open Updater" navigates me back to the home page

In Admin -> Overview, I’m trying to update my installation from NC17.0.0 to NC17.0.1. Everytime I try and click on “Open updater” it puts a hash at the end of my URL bar, and then shortly after navigates me to the home screen with this path appended - “/apps/files/?dir=/&fileid=2”. This has happened on the installation from the release before NC17.0.0 where I had to manually do the install and run ./occ upgrade etc.

My current installation is using Docker with maria-db and nginx. I have a nginx web server (none docker-ised) that’s acting as a reverse proxy to the docker-ised nginx nextcloud web server.

I have no logs in Admin -> Logging to point towards my logon or any errors when I try and open the updater.

Any ideas?

Same here, I’m running 17.0.1 and experience the same issue when trying to update to 17.0.2 using the web updater, no errors in the logs

same problem: when clicking “open updater” i’m redirected to home (files).
Can this be an .htaccess issue ?

It’s an old ticket but the problem seems to exist all the way to Nextcloud 21.

Solution: Go to the data-folder of your Nextcloud installation and erase the “updater-/.step”-file. After a first successful upgrade the file seems to stay at step 12 and subsequent updates always show that all 12 steps were taken and thus redirects to the dashboard.

I’m facing the same issue, I look for updater folder:

But I only find these files inside:
index.php updater.phar

Any ideas?