Open the Mail app by clicking on an e-mail adress


I would like when i click on an e-mail address, it opens the mail app of NextCloud and not the app of my computer.

Is it possible?

I don’t use the Mail app myself but apparently there is a button for that purpose in the settings of the app… Nextcloud as handler of mailto links - #7 by ChristophWurst


it’s already on but still open my computer’s app. I’ll check my server and update NextCloud !

I think you rather have to check the settings of your browser. Link and file handeling is done locally in your browser not on the server.

Thanks !
what do you specify under the block? i only have those options

Always Ask :
use with google chrome
use with gmail
others app

Clicking on the button “Register as application for mail links” as described in the the link I posted earlier, should add another option like “use with” or similiar to the menu. On my screenshot it’s a link to another webmail client, but it should work the same with Nextcloud Mail.

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Excellent it works !!

Do you have the tutorial to do the same one Chrome?

I’ve found it.

Juste in case.

When you’re connecte to your gmail account, find the two grey losangles in the URL bar on the right.
click on it and manage handlers settings ==> select your NextCloud Server and it’s done !

thanks a lot for your help !

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Should basically work the same way as in Firefox.The corresponding settings in Chrome are at chrome://settings/handlers

I just see you have already figured it out. :slight_smile:

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