Open local IP for VMs not connected to the internet in External Sites

I want to integrate my apps in VMs in Nextcloud to be able to cal them from there
I found External Sites
e.g login to an ESXi server
in Edge I get:
Es sieht so aus, als ob die Webseite unter Probleme hat oder sie wurde möglicherweise dauerhaft zu einer neuen Webadresse verschoben.
in Firefox:

How to solve this?
Is there a better way of integrating local IPs in Nextcloud?

It’s just a link. It’s not proxying the site or anything like that. So you have to be able to directly access whatever the link is to.

Yes thats what I thought
But as you see Firefox & also tried Chrom & Edge refuses to load the Site!
What’s wrong?

Per default the External Sites app embeds external links in IFrames. This is something that will work with fewer and fewer sites, due to various security mechanisms in modern browsers. Also most sites that offer login functionalities use the X-Frame-Options or Content-Security-Policy HTTP header which instructs browsers to not allow their pages to be embedded for security reasons. See here:

Click on the three dots in the “External sites” settings, and check the box for “Redirect” “This site does not allow embedding”. Then the site will open in a new tab, instead of an iFrame.


Is there a better way to generate something like heimdal or other dashboard in Nextcloud?

None that I’m aware of. But Heimdal doesn’t embed external websites either. It just displays a collection of links, which then redirect to the respective websites, just like the “Redirect” option in the External sites app does. Some of these dashboards also offer some level of interaction with the linked applications, like displaying certain status messages, but they do this via API calls, not by embedding the hole website.