OnlyOffice vs Calibra


So newbee here I have installed NextCloud pi onto my new Rasbery Pi4. I want to use it to replace Google Docs eventaully. My understanding is that I have a choice of either Only Office vs Calibra office. First I have to enable to app on NextCloud which is the easy part…but then I need to host the server side of Only Office vs Calibra office which seems alot harder.

I am only really doing this to see if Nextcloud is going to be a viable and reliable alternative to Google Docs. Hence I want the quickest and easier way to install the server side.

Is it ok to host the server side on my Rasberry pi 4?
I do have a domain with storage space would that be better ?

There seems to be many differant blogs which all show differant ways to install either which is the best way?


I don’t think OO or Collabora install on Raspberry Pi, no arm support(?). Also I think the performance might not be enough although I obliviously never tried.

Installing either would be simplest using the Docker method which is fine for a private server. In my experience Collabora is the easiest.

You could rent a private server or a vps for this, I like to use Kimsufi (OVH) for cheap private servers.

at least there are no docker images for arm. only amd64

i guess onlyoffice is better running on raspi backend because it’s running in your browser. collabora should have a higher load on your server.

to install collabora it think the easiest way is to follow the “docker install scripts”.

the same applies to onlyoffice. and here you can see the difference since you need some more packages (postgres, redis, rabbitmq, nginx, etc…)

to try collabora on your raspi follow the install scripts above.

running on a cloud server (aws, azure, scaleway, digital ocean, hetzner, …) you find here two playbooks to setup nextcloud + office suite in 10 minutes.

but no office suite on a raspi because right now there are no docker images for arm.

currently i’m rewriting a “docker free” version. collabora almost works. but it would be no help for your installation since nextcloud is already running.
onlyoffice will be a lot more work for me.

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I have tried both and I settled on OnlyOffice soon afterwards. OnlyOffice offers the best results, when it comes to reproducing the original layout of Office documents. As already been said, OnlyOffice runs locally in your browser and thus lifts the heavy work from you OnlyOffice instance - a rather small VM will be enough.

Last but not least, OnlyOffice offers native mobile clients for iOS and Android, plus some desktop clients, which one can use to even work with local files, if the NC instance is either not accessible of there’s no network connectivity.

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Thanks guys alot to think about

I thought docker does not support ARM so will the above scripts even work?

sorry. you are right. there also no arm packages in the repos. so even without docker you can’t run collabora on a raspi.