Onlyoffice unable to access docker document server

I have a manually installed NC 20.0.1 instance running just fine accessed via https and spun up an onlyoffice doc server in a VM’d docker. Configured OnlyOffice in NC to point to the http:// lan address and port of the docker with cert checking disabled and got the green checkmark to say reachable. Any attempt to create/edit a document in NC returns the following error


  • Client error: GET resulted in a 404 Not Found response: Error
    Cannot GET /host (truncated…)

If I point my browser at - I again get a checkmark and
“Thank you for choosing ONLYOFFICE!
Document Server is running”

Any suggestions appreciated.


I went back to settings for office and it was showing not reachable with the red cross:
Office Online
Could not establish connection to the Office Online server.

URL (and Port) of Office Online server

If I click on Save - I get the green checkmark saying it is reachable. If I go to another apps’ settings and then come back - it shows unavailable again until I click “save”.

I have been pulling my hair out over similar issue. I have even tried to uninstall and reset everything. I must be missing a database entry somewhere, as I am going around in circles…
when I try to change the address of the OpenOffice server, I cannot save any changes.
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I am also experiencing this issue. Anyone come across a reason and resolution.

Is the OnlyOffice container able to resolv the internal(/lan) ip of your nextcloud server? Maybe “–add-host” could help when starting the OnlyOffice container. What is the configuration of your apache (for OnlyOffice)?