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I’m quite surprised that I could not find any posts about this issue yet: In the onlyoffice demo section ( the user interface uses tabs to organize the different functions of the editor. However my editor does not provide any tabs but places all symbols as tiny buttons in one single tab. Especially as an onlyoffice beginner the tabbed interface seems quite handy as it displays the name of the functions underneath the icons. However I couldn’t find a way to customize the editor to my liking.

Is the ribbon interface no longer used and the samples are just outdated or am I missing something here?

I’m currently on NC 13.0.2 and my onlyoffice installation is quite new as well (from last week).

Thanks for your help!


Hello Tomas!

Unfortunately, the tabbed interface hasn’t been introduced in open-source version yet. It is, however, available in proprietary solutions like ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for this information! I‘m really surprised that I cannot find a single word about this on the onlyoffice website. Maybe that’s because I did not check out the info about the commercial versions.
Well I hope someday we’ll get this feature in the open source version, too. So long I‘m absolutely fine with the layout I get for free. Still an amazing piece of software.

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Thank you for your feedback! We are glad you enjoy our solutions.
We will update the users of Nexcloud about the interface as soon as it is introduced in the open-source version, stay alert :slight_smile:

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