Onlyoffice support in Nextcloud 15

Hi there,

We’re currently using Nextcloud 13 with onlyoffice. I’d like to upgrade to Nextcloud 15, but I’d like to know if onlyoffice is supported well or not. It was quite a nightmare to get onlyoffice to work well with Nextcloud 13, I’m hoping that upgrading will not cause any issues there…

Try and run 15 as a new install on a seperate machine BEFORE you upgrade. Only Office has been updated to work on 15, but we saw some strange Nextcloud log entries relating to the OnlyOffice app. We are not working those issues today as the OnlyOffice server seems to be getting long fine (documents can be edited and the changes propagate back ok as far as we can tell so far), BUT we have never seen OnlyOffice appear in our main nextcloud log before version 15 so it makes me think it’s not quite 100% right. Don’t rush your upgrade - experiment a little first. :slight_smile: