Onlyoffice settings not wiping password

Community Document Server version 0.1.2
OnlyOffice app version 7.3
ubuntu 20.04 server
php 7.4


I have the community document server installed on my nextcloud and the app to connect it. However the onlyoffice app settings populates the secret key password and will not revert to being blank, even when I delete it and save it. it has something populated in it and everytime I delete it and save those settings, it returns and no connection and populates the secret key again.

I have previously had a separate server running the the onlyoffice document server, however it flagged an error, and because we were all using Callobora to edit documents I stopped the onlyoffice server. The populated secret key on the settings page is the one I used for the separate onlyoffice server settings previously.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, and updated to NC 23.0.2 and the issue persists.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can try to remove the string from your database (make sure you backup the DB first).

Mysql - appconfig - look for the Onlyoffice key that contains the password and delete it.