OnlyOffice PROJECTS support?

Today I stumbled on this…

But I guess the Community Edition of OnlyOffice is not the same as the OnlyOffice DocumentServer?

Any chance this OnlyOffice Projects app (even if only for 20 sim connections) makes it to NextCloud? It looks very nice! :slight_smile:

Have you used OnlyOffice with Nextcloud?
What features of the “OnlyOffice Projects app” are you missing?

He’s missing the “OnlyOffice Projects app” which means there is no WBS or gant chart. Open the link he provided to see it.

@jgpub I really doubt they will release this in the community edition as they are probably generating revenue from this (closed?) feature.

EDIT: I was not aware that this functionality is part of the community edition. That would be nice to have indeed. :slight_smile:

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Of course… that’s why I created the thread. In my nextcloud/onlyoffice installation a “PROJECTS” app does not exist. There are apps for Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, but no projects.

Exactly! Although it seems there is a limitation of 20 concurrent users for the Onlycloud distributions of CE (managed by?..honor system? or hard coded limitation?). But knowing this, I now wonder if this limitation exists with the OnlyOffice CE (?) integration Nextcloud is running as well? Doesn’t matter much to us…yet. I think to hit that many concurrent users you would probably need a user base of 100+. Still, would be good to know… but don’t want to veer away from the original topic (Project support) :slight_smile:

The short-lived love-in between Nextcloud and OnlyOffice dealt with only the Document Server, i.e. word/excel/ppoint capabilities. The 20 connection limitation is coded (and can be “fixed”), not honor-system…
There is the option to run a standalone OnlyOffice server that can (probably) be not limited to Document server only but that is now of academic interest.

Just search this forum, lots of discussions about it…

Thanks for the info. If we have to spin up standalone OnlyOffice for Project support, then we’ll probably give OpenProject a test as well since we would have to use External Sites app to link to whichever solution anyway.