OnlyOffice PDF printing

Hi Everybody, I am surprised to see that nobody complains that OnlyOffice print empty PDF. I believe that this is a long lasting bug. This is particularly annoying.
I am using NC25 and have tried some workaround to rebuild fonts but I always have a segmentation error.
Please help.

I can print to PDF.
I’m running NC 24
I can print to PDF from OO in the browser or the OO app on my mac

Maybe it’s an NC25 thing?
Maybe it’s an OS/Browser thing?

What OS and what browser are you trying to do that from? That might help people answer the question.

Well printing with the browser is not OK since the left side of the document is also printed.
It could be the browser I have to check.
I have tested with NC25 with chrome and Firefox.
But I believe that OnlyOffice does not support that feature as they were not in charge to develop the document server it seems to be a NextCloud issue with the document server.
This makes the comparison with Google drive not good for NC. Being unable to export document in PDF is not very professional.