Onlyoffice overrides changes

if I open a document with onlyoffice in the browser and in the meantime I upload changes to the same file from the android app or the desktop client onlyoffice overrides these changes.

Onlyoffice does not check if the file has been changed on the server since open it.


  1. Create a new document and open it with Onlyoffice
  2. Open the same document local with Excel e.g., edit it, save it
  3. After the desktop sync: edit the document in Onlyoffice (it’s still open)
  4. Close Onlyoffice an open it again, you will see the changes from Onlyoffice
  5. Sync your desktop files, open the test document, you will see the changes from Onlyoffice

Nextcloud 15, Onlyoffice 5.2.7 CE