ONLYOFFICE or Collabora Online

Hello User,

which app has more stability, ONLYOFFICE or Collabora Online?


single core 2 GHz or better
2 GB or more
at least 40 GB of free space
Additional requirements
at least 4 GB of swap

Even though docker handles most of the time resources pretty well, it uses around
1 GB of storage (CODE image)
~150 MB RAM on the first document open.
~50 MB of RAM on later documents

I would suggest at least 2 GB of RAM.
Or you might hit resources exhaustion.

I prefer collabora. It’s more feature complete.

Did collabora need’s the Community Document Server?

clearly no. at least not yet. i dunno if something’s in the pipeline

OnlyOffice have a bug (not yet debugged) where it kept files in cache and don’t save them in the Nextcloud Files App.
Collabora need more RAM on your server load than OnlyOffice.

If you want to use OnlyOffice use my docker container that have for free 100 simultaneous connections and Mobile Edition allowed.

Hello Nemskiller,

did you can help me there, new thread because here OT ---->

I will test your container.



OnlyOffice have a bug (not yet debugged) where it kept files in cache and don’t save them in the Nextcloud Files App.

The Community Document Server for OnlyOffice is unusable until this is fixed, just take a look at the numerous reports of lost documents, time and money. Leave this current implementation well alone.

The Real OnlyOffice Document Server have this bug too.
In fact it’s a problem of Nextcloud because the lost version is visible in the OnlyOffice versioning tab.

Community Document Server is the server side of ONLYOFFICE. It isn’t used by Collabora.

I don’t have it.
I run the very first when announced standalone OO server (with 20 users limitation lifted).
It “feeds” 3 NC servers (18 & 19, Ubuntu 18 and 20; different user backend; different apps).
Never noticed this “not saving” issue…

I am pretty sure it is somehow related to the different possible cron settings in Nextcloud. Can those that have the bug share the setting they use?

I don’t think many people run OO as standalone. And never seen them complain…

I can open the same OO file from two different NC accounts (Group Folder) and any changes made by one account appear within 1-2 seconds in the file opened by the other.

Both servers - NC and OO - on the same subnet; both VMs on VMware cluster…

For me the bug appears only on file with multiple users on it at the same time.
I don’t have to complain on files only used by one person.

It always appears for my NextCloud :sob: :sob:

I’m pretty sure this pertains to the nextcloud/community document server implementation and not standalone. See here :