OnlyOffice or Collabora on Raspberrypi

Hi there,

i have NC 13 running on my vServer. It would be lovely to get onlyoffice or collabora running. Is there a chance to do that without docker on the same server? My vServer doesn’t support docker for some reason…

If not, is it possible to run collabora or onlyoffice on a raspberry pi at home, while nextcloud is on my vServer?


No Ideas? :neutral_face:

Collabora, and your are very limited with the amount of ram a raspberry pi have. OnlyOffice is more complete, complex and more resources hungry for a single user.

Collabora is more than enough for just basic office service.

If you are using a x86_64/processors then you could build LibreOffice Online, it has been testen under Debian and Ubuntu.

It requires around 17GB to compile and almost 7 hours, it will eat memory when used, but you won’t find the 10/20 limit that dodocker has

As for Raspberries AFAIK there is no option on this matter.

Thanks you for the answer so far,

so there is no chance to run collabora or onlyoffice on a Raspberry pi at home?

Couldn’t find someone who managed to run it on a raspberry so far.

As already said, thats my only opportunity, because my Server where nextcloud runs on does not support docker.

Or is it possible to run nextcloud and collabora/onlyOffice on one Server even without docker?