Onlyoffice not accessible after adding the applicaton

I am trying to add onlyoffice to my nextcloud server. I am able to add both onlyoffice and Community Document Server without error, and I can see onlyoffice in the settings. But when I press the “+” button to create a document I can only see the default “New Text Document”.

I have installed the snap version and I am running it on Ubuntu server 20.04. Both snapd and nextcloud are up to date.

I have tried to:

  1. clear the “Document Editing Service address” and then save
  2. disable and remove both onlyoffice and the document server
  3. reinstalling everything again but it is the same issue.

Btw I was able to add onlyoffice without any problem on the same system I am using now but because of another problem I had to reinstall everything and now it does not work


I could not find a solutions to this so I installed the .zip version of NC and now OnlyOffice works as intended