Onlyoffice Not able to reach from Next Cloud

Running Nextcloud & Onlyoffice on separate VM with Ubuntu 18.

  • Nextcloud running with self signed certificates
  • Onlyoffice running with self signed certificates

After installation, I was able to access exit document using Nextcloud. Untill I enable HTTPs using self signed certificates.

Now, Nextcloud is failing to open any document and giving error “ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin”.

If I check using web developer tool on crome. It fail to load api.js page.

I am able to access https:///web-apps/apps/api/documents/api.js from both nextcoud and onlyoffice VM. Also, once I access the above link on any machine. User, is able to access the document and they will not get the above error.

I am new to nextcloud & onlyoffice. Any help will be really appreciated.

Where can I find this setting ?

how did you set it up? docker-compose? docker run?

it’s a env parameter of the docker run command.

I am not using any docker-compose or docker run, just using separate Ubuntu VM for installing Nextcloud and Onlyoffice.

if you don’t use docker. you have to find a local.json file. i think.

you may have a look at this script from the docker file. the two commands in line 256 and 257 are executed in the container if you set USE_UNAUTHORIZED_STORAGE == true. in your case you have to execute them on the cli of your host. and find out how ${JSON} would be defined in your case. or you find the local.json and edit the file directly.