ONLYOFFICE & Nextcloud partner up!

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We are excited to share news of a partnership between Ascensio System SIA, the Latvian home of the ONLYOFFICE real-time online document editor, and Nextcloud GmbH, the German company doing the core development for the most popular self-hosted file sync & share solution on the market.

Deeper integration

The goal of our partnership is to work together to improve ONLYOFFICE integration and offer the combination of a fully supported Nextcloud+ONLYOFFICE platform to customers. Enterprises that need a lightweight, modern browser-based document editor compatible with Microsoft Office formats seamlessly integrated in a powerful file exchange and communication platform have to look no further!

The combined solution allows organizations to empower their employees to efficiently collaborate across organizational boundaries and on the go while maintaining strict control over data access to ensure compliance and security needs are met.

document writing

With over 5 million users, ONLYOFFICE is a proven innovator in the online office business, first to market with a full HTML5 based online document editor. Built on a cutting-edge technology, it offers advanced features including change tracking, version history and rights management. With a self-hosted solution, enterprises can be confident data never leaves the control sphere of their IT department. The real-time document editing capabilities of ONLYOFFICE integrated into Nextcloud enable users to exchange and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, editing them simultaneously with others from within Nextcloud.

Galina Godukhina, Commercial Director at ONLYOFFICE:

Our partnership with Nextcloud delivers customers integrated, real-time document collaboration to improve the productivity of modern, distributed teams who need to work together across organizational boundaries and on the go.

ONLYOFFICE fits in a wide range of productivity and collaboration capabilities in Nextcloud, empowering enterprises to regain control over their document exchange and communication with self-hosted integrated audio/video calls and chat, mail and calendaring with an easy web interface and mobile applications.

As a part of a healthy ecosystem of over 130 third-party apps, ONLYOFFICE is now available for Nextcloud customers through an optional add-on package providing the services and support enterprises can rely on.

Jos Poortvliet, Head of Marketing at Nextcloud:

Hosting Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE on premises or at a qualified, trusted, local provider enables enterprises to regain control over their data and communication while retaining the productivity benefits of the cloud.

Enterprises can now order ONLYOFFICE as part of their Nextcloud Enterprise Subscription! Contact your sales representative or request a quote on our website. See for more information about what ONLYOFFICE offers our website.


This is good news!

thats a really good news
great job

Mh ok nice, that means, OnlyOffice will also really work in Nextcloud soon. I had a lot of problems with the latest releases and switched to Collabora

Awesome news! Onlyoffice always worked better for me compared to Collabora, so I appreciate the partnership and hope the integration of OO into NC will further improve soon.

Hopefully there will be additional improvements regarding the installation of both tools on one server, because this is pretty tricky right now.

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Are there limits in onlyoffices open source version? Icky installation is fine, but I think I read once it is limited to 20 concurrent users or something like that. (Or did I read that about collabora? Not sure)

At first glance, OnlyOffice was really a solution, we were looking forward. Good usability, main required features, cross platform compatibility, nice interface. Although, their license is not very open, yet, at some point we were looking to integrate paid options. But lately we were experiencing issues with opening MS Office files - empty screen and messed up formats. This was with OnlyOffice desktop editors. And Ubuntu instance updates/upgrades were falling down. Switched to Collabora - no issues, and a couple more Calc/Spreadsheet options opened to web based editors. Although, Collabora UI is a bit bulky, at least it works and no issues with MS Office file opening at all (until now).

You’re right jakob42. Their license is quite restrictive, also for private or very small office work should be enough. And you lack mobile editors without their full server. I’ts still open source, but it would be strange to deploy full DMS/CRM just for online/mobile editor use, plus overhead of managing users in 2 systems, or trying to integrate open source product, which is not so open source :slight_smile:

Really Great News for Us.

A maximum of 20 connections and a few other missing features for the Community Edition:

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How could I miss that!? Thanks!

Could you please specify the issue. It also will be great if you could send us (or share with NC community) some examples, We are very proud of providing high quality MS formats support. I am sure that the issue will be fixed very quickly. (If you will help us to reproduce it)

Looks like the new 2.10 release is ready for the Desktop editors :slight_smile:

Any chance we will see pivot tables with the community edition of the document server also?

If you want to install it you can use the VM scripts, or just download one of the VMs from the shop:


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