ONLYOFFICE missing Plugins menu/button

I am running a fresh install of Nextcloud server 19. I installed the ONLYOFFICE app as well as the Community Document Server. I want to create custom macros in JavaScript inside ONLYOFFICE spreadsheets. The ONLYOFFICE docs say there should be a plugin button with an icon that looks like a puzzle piece. I cannot find any plugin button.

My installation looks like this Nextcloud example (look at the image under “3. Get to work!” There is no Plugins menu). In contrast the Nextcloud app stock photo shows that there is a Plugins menu.

I would appreciate some guidance in how to get the Plugins menu or button to appear on my Nextcloud. Thanks in advance.


i miss the Plugin Menu too

Same problem here

I have the same question, as I mentioned in another post.

It would be nice to be able to use the OnlyOffice macros functionality.

Has anyone ever found a solution? I installed onlyoffice in my Nextcloud and also has an external onlyoffice document server. I tried everything to get the connector to work, but I still see no options to edit with only office in the Nextcloud files section.