Onlyoffice integration doesn't work with nextcloud 13

After Upgrade on Nextcloud 13 on Ubuntu 16.04 no office documents are opened in the browser and no new documents can be made. Onlyoffice runs with docker.
I reinstalled the app.

Yikes. Sorry to hear of that.

I am not using Docker so I have no useful ideas for you, sorry. BUT I can confirm to those who are not yet running nextcloud v13 that onlyoffice document server does work with my instance of nextcloud 13, so maybe it’s a docker-related issue (or maybe I am lucky today).

Good luck with your server recovery

I have no problem with the docker of onlyoffice and Nextcloud 13 i use this script in

I think the app ins’t working properly. If you klick on the “+” on the top of the page there is no icon any more for office documents.

The logfile says: "file_get_contents(https://…de:8443/coauthoring/CommandService.ashx): failed to open stream: Connection timed out at /www/…de/nextcloud.test/apps/onlyoffice/lib/documentservice.php#351
CommandRequest on check error: Bad Request oder Timeout Fehlermeldung

Onlyoffice Server is still running.