OnlyOffice in same Tab


is there any option, that NC isnt starting OnlyOffice in a new Browsertab?
If not please add this as a Featurerequest!

Thank you

that doesn’t even work from their own community server, now you can imagine how the chances are you will get that from NC.

Now (after yesterday’s release of the Document Server 4.3) we are able to handle several iframes inside a single tab. Could you please describe the case in detail.
Do you mean that the document should be opened in the same tab? How are you going to switch back to NC’s interface?
Sooner or later we will implement it (next steps for us are localization and security) we just need to understand whats is the best way to customize opening of the documents

perhaps he knows Collabora which has a X button in the toolbar which does that. Perhaps thats possible in a similar way.

@dev0 Thats what i mean.

@ibnpetr atm i need to close the hole tab to switch back to my home.
For me this isnt a problem but for my users whom aren’t that good in using an computer :smile: its a problem.

Would be nice if smh we would be able to decide where to open the file and then close it via X button.