OnlyOffice Force Saving


Just installed OnlyOffice on NextCloud. All features work fine.

After doing further research I found that OnlyOffice allows saving documents while editing document.

This feature will be helpful if an user forgets to close the tab while editing and the changes are not saved to nextcloud and other users downloads the file instead on viewing or editing the file on onlyoffice.

Unfortunately i have not been able to make forcesaving work.

The various possibilities could be that I have not set the onlyoffice config setting properly or nextcloud is blocking this feature. Any help would be nice.

Did you manage to get it working?

I have tried to make this work by extracting the /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver folder to the host (am using the OnlyOffice docker). I then edit the default.json file and enable AutoAssembly. I recreated my Docker container to map the documentserver folder, but then after 5 min (the default force timer) I get an error 332 on the page, and nothing is saved. Only when I close the tab it will save the changes.

@JohnPerkin, is this something you could help with? Is it possible to enable the AutoAssembly using the OnlyOffice Docker-image?

Hello @itsupport.munk, @StephanW, unfortunately, the feature of forcesave is not implemented for integration of Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE Document Server yet, as there will be problems with co-editing the documents. You can see an issue about it on Github website.