ONLYOFFICE - Files created in the desktop app are empty and not uploaded or synced to nextcloud

Good day all together,

I have planned some private projects with the desktop Onlyoffice client (using the Cloud-Connection feature, not the synchronized local files…). Now, I wanted to go back to the files and, surprise, the links are dead, probably due to my updated nextcloud version. I switched to opening the local files and I only got empty spreadsheets and documents.
I went back to check the versions of the files, in nextcloud itself and also in my backups (one each day). The content of the files has never been uploaded to nextcloud, only the files have been created.

Is anybody aware of some method to restore the data? I don’t understand where the documents were temporarily stored, when i created the files. I came back days later and opened them in OnlyOffice, worked with no issue.

What a sad experience.

Best regards,

Hi @st4ir - I’m sorry to hear of your dilemma. Unfortunately you didn’t provide much information to go on. First we need to figure out either where your documents were originally saved or, if they were uploaded to your Nextcloud server, what happened since they were uploaded.

  • Where/how is your OO Docs instance installed? And what version?
  • When you say the “links are dead” do you mean you’re getting a “Download failed” message in OO Desktop?
  • You mentioned being able successfully to open these files days later… how long after you originally created the files was that? And how long ago since today was that? (I ask because you might have log files that offer clues about what’s occurred with those documents between their creation date and now…)
  • What’s changed since then you were able to access the documents successfully? You mentioned you upgraded NC. From what version of NC to what version?
  • Under “Connect to cloud” do you only have one entry?
  • What happens if you create a test document today, enter some test data, then save it?

P.S. Might be worth also posting over at the OO specific forum: