OnlyOffice fails to save images on create PDF


In OO and when working on an .odt or .docx document, the ‘Save copy as’ or ‘Download as’ a PDF fails to handle images correctly for me, black rectangles being shown in place of the actual images.

Downloading or saving as a document does show the images correctly.

Anyone else experienced this ? Any suggestions ?

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Same for me. NC 19.0, OnlyOffice 4.3 Nexcloud app, OnlyOffice Document Server 0.1.7, Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. Imported / placed images become BLACK BOXES when saving as PDF.

I’ve subsequently found it depends on the browser. Firefox failed. Using Apple’s Safari and Tor (a derivative of Firefox) worked. The images in the PDF were visible. But then, ANOTHER problem: They’re cropped incorrectly. This app is SO NOT ready for production work.

Convo continued here on Github.

OK, so since the last community server update, (0.1.7), this problem no longer presents itself for me. Mystery.