ONLYOFFICE editors version 5.3 has been released + free version got new interface and all updates since 5.0

What’s new:

  • Ability to flip, crop and rotate images, to align images/shapes to pages, margins and slides;
  • 250 document languages (204 new) and better localization of sheets (formulas and formats);
  • Completely new font engine featuring better support for CJK fonts and more hieroglyphic alphabets;
  • Rearranged comment display in reviewing, more thorough marking with Track Changes;
  • Spreadsheets enhanced with Text To Columns and Paste Wizards as well as Print area selection;
  • ASX, BETAINV, and HYPERLINK formulas in sheets, support for Array Formula;
  • New formats for saving: DOTX, XLTX, POTX, OTT, OTS, OTP and PDF-A.


Important for open source Document Server users

With 5.3, free version of ONLYOFFICE got the tabbed interface too, as well as all features from versions since 5.0, namely:

  • Сontent controls, bookmarks, navigation panel for Table of Contents, and Display modes in Track Changes in document editor;
  • Pivot table formatting in spreadsheet editor;
  • Presenter view in presentation editor.



thanks for the update, is using a name for guests possible too, or are they still “anonymous”?


Technically, this is not likely to be related to the editors themselves, it is rather about the integration app. And no, we do not provide this option, if you are speaking about users invited for editing (am I correct?).

Could you please link or describe any examples of how you see such a feature?


yes you have that actually in collabora

Especially Onlyoffice is having a chat tool, which work with guests too, that would be really great.

I see.

Unfortunately, ONLYOFFICE doesn’t offer this yet. But I’ve just sent my suggestion to the developer team.

If that doesn’t bother, you can submit your suggestion on GitHub. Let’s see what others think!

lets see, what they are thinking about that.