Onlyoffice dokumentserver

Hello community,

I have installed my NC12.03 installation on a Strato host.
Which path must I enter as the document server for Onlyoffice?
Or how and where do I have to configure onlyoffice so that it can be used by all users?
so sieht die Fehlermeldung aus wenn ich ein Dokument aufrufen möchte:

ONLYOFFICE cannot be reached. Please contact admin

Thanks for your help


The OnlyOffice app is only an integration. You still need to install the document server (or rent their official SaaS). For installation see here for example:

Hello, Krishan,

thank you for your quick response. The link tells me how to install the document server on my computer in Ubuntu but how to install a document server on my strato host? Databases and webspace are still enough available.
It’s not a root or V-server.

Thank you


That is 99% sure not possible as OnlyOffice requires a quit specialized setup/services like Redis etc. that can’t be installed on a shared host. But you can rent the usage from the creators of OnlyOffice.

Neither can it be done with Collabora or Etherpad. What should work is this:
But it is quite limited and not maintained anymore.

Hello Krishan,

then collabora online won’t be that easy to run?

Thank you


Same, see my edited response above.

But you can rent a seperate cheap x86 VPS and run OnlyOffice on that.

Thank you for your help and I have to decide which solution is the right one for me.

Merry Christmas for you and your family


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