OnlyOffice documentserver 404 error

I installed Onlyoffice via “Apps” in Nextcloud and enabled it. In Administration settings → Only office → I need to enter “Onlyoffice Docs address”. What is it? I didn’t install it separately, just by Nextcloud’s apps in dashboard. My Nextcloud address isn’t working.

It is the address of the Only Office Server, the so called WOPI Client:

WOPI host = Your Nextcloud Server = a web API that serves files to WOPI client = OnlyOffice App

WOPI client = an application that is able to edit files served by WOPI host

The two communicate via MS-WOPI protocol that is described here.

So you need to setup a Only Office Server as WOPI client for that.

My Advise:

Use “Nextcloud Office - richdocuments” as WOPI host application together with “Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server - richdocumentscode” as WOPI client instead. That is a complete solution which you can install from the appstore and works out of the box.

Much and good luck,