Onlyoffice and/or collabora + server-side encryption


it’s possible to use onlyoffice or collabora with nc12 + The server-side encryption?
nc12 on server A and onlyoffice or collabora on server B.
(not work with nc12)

Thx to all ^^

Hello @pbhenny,

Unfortunately, if you enable the encryption with the per-user encryption keys (used by default in Nextcloud) ONLYOFFICE Document Server cannot open the encrypted files for editing and save them after the editing. The ONLYOFFICE section of the administrative settings page will display a notification about it. However, if you set the encryption with the master key, ONLYOFFICE application will work as intended. But Nextcloud recommends using master encryption key only on fresh installations with no existing data or on systems where encryption has not already been enabled. Please follow this link.

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Afaik it’s the same for Collabora. You can use encfs or a veracrypt-container if possible.

You’ve mention on my forum you released per-user encryption support, however by looking at release notes in your git repo: it seems to be refering to Master key encryption and not per-user. Could you clarify on that one?

there is a feature request on GitHub
with some code to test.
Feedback would be welcome.

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Are there some changes ?
It doesn’t work in my Nextcloud.
We use default encryption module


I try accounts with and without recovery keys, it doesn’t change the error when loading Onlyoffice file.

BUT it does work in public file (with modification authorized)

Do you have some adviiiices to help me ? :slight_smile: