Onlyoffice and Nextcloud 13 beta

Hi all,

title says it all. I would like testing Nextcloud 13 but I need Onlyoffice functionality.
Can the author of the plugin check compatibility and release it for 13? Probably no changes are required.



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I’m in the same situation.


Changes are required and the Devs appear to have pushed a fix for it. Should be available soon.

Yes i’m test for change " " from ’ ’ in appinfo/info.xml but … those not work.
Simple thoes show nothing.

I’m impatient, Onlyoffice is the best office for NextCloud !


I have Onlyoffice running under NC 13 beta 3, and I needed to perform two changes. One was the obvious change to the info.xml, where one expands the max. supported version to include 13 and the 2nd one targets the editor.php inside the template folder, which would cause Onlyoffice to not work, after installing.

You can find additional information on how to patch that here: OnlyOffice editor.php

You can also go to Onlyoffice’s Github page and change the branch to dev and check the app out, this should also give you the required fixes.


Hi alll!

This solution work on RC1, on RC2 show error: “Empty Document ID”

Thaks a lot!


I just updated my NC13 to RC2 yesterday and still works - I haven’t modified or changed anything other than running the NC updater. have you checked, if the updater re-downloaded the onlyoffice app from the NV app store? It didn’t do that for me, so it still works.

Hello everyone!

We have just released the new version of ONLYOFFICE connector that supports integration with Nextcloud 13. Everyone is welcome to try it out.


Hi !
Today is updated to 1.2.0 and … work perfectly!!!
Great !!!