OnlyOffice: An error has occurred while opening the file


I am running a hosted Nextcloud instance (Hetzner). After the upgrade to 21.0.3 OnlyOffice can’t open or create files. The following error message ist displayed:

“An error has occurred while opening the file”

These are the versions of the installed Apps:
OnlyOffice 7.1.0
Community Document Server 0.1.11

I tried to reinstalled the Apps already but the error persists. If I check the preferences everything is the same as before the upgrade. When I hit the save button I get the following message:

"Settings have been successfully updates (version: 6.3.1) "

That version number seams strange to me…

Any ideas how that problem could be solved?



same problem here … it appears that it happens after leaving the document and trying to open it again. Half an hour later it works again.

We also observe that it happens more often in Firefox than in Chrome.

very annoying.