Only show personal dates in Nextcloud Calendar

Hi, I’m using Nextcloud Calendar with a group of people. Everyone creates dates inside this Calendar and adds/invites members for this date. I’d like to see only the dates which I am an attendee off. I assumed that all dates which I accept will end up in my personal calendar which doesn’T seem to be the case. I also didn’t find any possibility to filter this calendar for attendees.

At the moment I see all dates of my team and have to add the dates I am attending to my personal calendar in order to keep track of my dates. This feels redundant.

Is there any solution I didn’t find? Any tipps for using calendar with a team?

For me, dates I accept get added to my personal calendar. That is if I’m not the calendar/date creator and thus always automatically attend.

In our use case, this behavior actually is problematic, as all people now have the same date twice on their phone and such. The only solution would be not to sync the personal calendar which would mean using something like Google instead - but we changed to Nextcloud to not have to do that.

Strange situation and there seems to be no option to disable this feature.